Weaving - SXSW 2019
06 March 2019
Cocolab featured at SXSW 2019
Weaving is a light sculpture inspired by the colors and shapes of the textiles produced on traditional backstrap looms by Mexican artisans, which recreates its own interpretation of the origin of life. This installation was created as an original experience by Cocolab and commissioned by SXSW. It will be featured in Austin, TX. as part of their 2019 Art Program.

SXSW Art Program is the fraction of the extensive ecosystem of creativity and technology of the festival that showcases immersive artworks that spark inspiration and discovery. This platform serves as a space to stir up conversation around the role of digital and visual arts in which leaders of different disciplines converge, fostering unique and meaningful experiences.

People attending the festival can enjoy Weaving at the Austin Convention Center in Room 3 from March 5-16.