Pursuant to the set forth in (i) the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data held by Private Parties (Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares, “LFPD”); (ii) the LFPD regulations; and (iii) the privacy notice guidelines published in the Federal Official Gazette, Cocolab International, S.A. de C.V. (“Cocolab”), as responsible for the processing of the collected personal data, makes available to the general public, as well as for their clients and users (each one referred to as “Owner”) this Privacy Notice (the “Notice”).

Cocolab reserves the right to modify the content of this Notice at any time. Any change in the Notice will be reported to the Owner by means of a general notification on the website. The corresponding modification will take effect from the day following its publication.

Cocolab Identity and Address

Cocolab is a business entity duly constituted in accordance with the Instrument (policy) number 1927, book number 2, dated as of May 27, 2014, granted before the Public Corridor Number 62 of the Mexican Federal District (now Mexico City), Gabriela Martínez Pérez, with address in Lago Texcoco no. 112, local D, Colonia Anáhuac 1ra. Sección, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, CP 11320, Mexico City.

Personal Data subject to processing

In order for Cocolab to be able to provide its services, it requires that certain personal data from Owners is processed. Cocolab may obtain this data in any of the following ways: (i) personally from the Owner and (ii) through its website (www ._______), through any link or microsite related to the website or through social networks managed by Cocolab (the "Website").

Owner’s data to be processed by Cocolab are the following: full name, telephone number and email. In addition to the aforementioned data, Cocolab may process personal data contained in the Curriculum Vitae that the Owner sends, by personal initiative and as such, in its own interest, to Cocolab, for purposes of selection and recruitment of personnel. Likewise, Cocolab will be able to process personal data as part of a decision-making process without the intervention of the valuation of a person.

Cocolab will never collect data from the Owner that may be considered as sensitive according to the LFPD.

Data Processing Purpose

I. Primary purposes:

a. Create a Profile of the Owner by means of the processed personal data;

b. Create a database, statistics, reports or studies;

c. Transfer the personal data of the Owner collected by Cocolab to third-party nationals or foreigners, with the sole purpose of facilitating compliance with the primary purposes mentioned in this Notice, provided that said third parties are obliged to comply with the provisions of this Notice and with the applicable legislation, whether national or international;

d. Communicate to the Owner changes in the goods or services provided by Cocolab, as well as any other information related to Cocolab, with the Website;

e. Communicate information and news about Cocolab through informative letters and / or Newsletters.

II. Secondary purposes:

a. Offer publicity that may be of interest to the Owner; and

b. Use personal data for marketing, advertising or commercial prospection purposes.

The Owner may express his/her refusal to process his/her data for secondary purposes, by sending an email in this regard to The referred e-mail may include, in any case, the information that allows the Owner to be identified, the information on which he/she denies his/her process and any other information that is necessary to handle the corresponding refusal.

Owner's Consent

The Owner states that:

This Notice has been made known by Cocolab;

He/She has read, understood and agreed to the terms set forth in this Notice, for which he/she gave his/her consent regarding the processing of his/her personal data;

He/She grants his consent for Cocolab to process his/her personal data for the purposes referred to in the previous section, specifically with regard to the purpose indicated in subsection I, section c), related to the transfer of his/her data; and

The permanence or use of the Website constitutes tacit confirmations of his/her consent to the provisions of this Notice. The Owner may refrain from continuing to use the Website in case he/she does not consent to the provisions set forth in this Notice.

Cocolab assumes that the information provided by the Owner belongs to the Owner. If this is not the case, the Owner may inform Cocolab of this circumstance immediately, by sending an email to, which must contain his or her contact information and any other information that may help responding said report, abstaining from providing additional information of which he/she is not the owner or of which he/she does not have authorization to transfer.

The Owner may revoke the aforementioned consent at any time. To revoke the provided consent, the Owner shall communicate to Cocolab by means of an email sent to, stating the causes that motivate him/her to communicate the revocation, as well as the information that allows Cocolab to respond and follow-up said revocation.

In the event that the Owner wishes to limit the use or disclosure of any of his/her personal data, the Owner may at any time send the manifestation of said limitation through an email addressed to, including the personal data whose treatment he/she wishes to limit, the reasons why he/she wishes to limit it, as well as the information that allows Cocolab to follow up on said request. If the Owner's request is appropriate, Cocolab will register the Owner in the exclusion list that will be drawn up for that purpose.

**Right of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition (Derechos de Acceso, rectificación, Cancelación y Oposición, "ARCO")**

Owners have the right to: (i) know what personal data is processed by Cocolab and the purposes of its processing (right of access); (ii) request the correction of his/her personal data if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (right of rectification); (iii) that your personal data will be deleted from Cocolab records or databases when Owner consider that his/her data is not being used properly (right of cancellation); and (iv) oppose the use of his/her personal data for specific purposes (right to opposition) (jointly, the "ARCO" rights).

ARCO rights may be exercised at any time by sending an email to The request for any of the ARCO rights must be accompanied by the following:

I. The name of the owner and his/her address, or any other means through which Cocolab can communicate the response to your request;

II. The documents that prove the identity or, where appropriate, the legal representation of the Owner;

III. The clear and precise description of the personal data of which it is intended to exercise any of the Arco rights,

IV. The reasons that justify the exercise of the corresponding ARCO rights,

V. The format or means through which the Owner wants Cocolab to respond to his/her request, when applicable;

Any other item or document that facilitates the follow-up of the Owner's request.

Use of cookies, web beacons or similar technologies

Cocolab uses cookies, web beacons and other technologies to monitor your behavior as an Internet user, in order to provide a better service and user experience when browsing the Website, as well as to offer new products based on your preference. The personal data we obtain from these tracking technologies is particularly the following: date and hour of stamp, consulted sections and webpages referral and entry, IP address source, browser type, internet service provider, making possible to monitor your behavior as a user of internet services.

Notice last update: February 5, 2019.