Hidden Nature: Bravo Festival 2019
09 May 2019
Is nature hiding something or is something hiding it?
Driven by the desire of uncovering spaces that, sometimes, our ordinariness makes us take for granted, we created Hidden Nature: a night outdoors experience installed in the depths of the forest in Valle de Bravo. Hidden Nature was presented on May 4th of this year during Bravo Festival.

This immersive installation begins at nightfall on an illuminated pathway that leads us through a portal welcoming us to the secret world of Hidden Nature. In this little clear in the woods every leaf of every tree and every weed in the grass is exposed and comes to life through hundreds of tiny lasers and a breathing and enveloping sound design that takes us to a new territory of excitement.

Hidden Nature was an exclusive peek of a new project created by Cocolab, which mixes light and soundscapes with living environments in order to provide its visitors with a unique multimedia experience and an opportunity to create new connections and be, once again, oneself with our environment.